27 Confessions pt. 1

At first I began to think of my confessions as negative things in my life that I wanted to confess.  Honestly, that’s the way it is for most people. I mean…I confessed something last night to a really close friend and it was a negative thing.  But as I began to write I started to desire to confess some positive things.  To think on the bright side is to uplift your own soul.  To think on the blessings of the Spirit is to keep your mind on life and peace.  So I wrote down 27 confessions for my 27th year on Earth and my 7th year as a Christian.  It’s funny how I wrote on all of the lines except the bottom and it turned out to be 27 even when I wasn’t counting.

Here we go,

I love Star Wars – I know a lot more than people realize.
I love reading.
I love camping.
I love video games – but I pay all my bills, and I only do it in moderation. Haha!
I love skateboarding – 15 years still going strong.
I love making music – all types.
I love editing videos to music.
I love getting my car washed.
I love getting my haircut.
I love new clothes.
I love random companies on my hats or shirts.
I love laughing – need more of that.
I love hugs – giving and receiving.
I love giving – but I need to do it more.
I love reading the Bible – can’t live without it.
I love good worship music – has to be deep though.
I love Jesus Christ – but he loved me first.
I love God – by his sovereign grace.
I love speaking Spanish – all day everyday.
I love speaking English – all day everyday.
I love writing rhymes – all the time.
I love encouraging others – it’s hard though.
I love my mom and my brother – the Tripod.
I love my dad – but I don’t right now.
I love my family – aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents.
I love my self – but not my sinful nature.
I love my life – the highest highs, the lowest lows.


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