Sometimes I just need to write.  More than 140 characters would be nice.  Right now I’m remembering how I used to write for therapy.  I deleted all of those posts when I deleted my MySpace account about 7 years ago haha!  But  it’s time to do it again, ya know?

So what I do is put on music and write.  Just write.  Just bleed on this pixelated paper.  Okay that was deep right?  Well anyways I’m just flowing right now and whatever comes out comes out.

I mean…I’m still being careful to choose uplifting words.  I never want to be the downer, and I know myself with Jesus makes me full of happiness and peace.  With Jesus…

Lately he’s been showing me not to strive anymore.  Stop fighting so hard to gain the world.  It’s so easy to lose your soul.

Well…I’m clocking out.  Be back soon homies.  I love you.


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