Photo Shoot(Progress)

Time to write again.  Time to think again.  To process this summer like I did a while back.  My how things have changed since I wrote At Summer’s End two years ago.  Let me throw it back a little bit.  I was living alone having just returned from Honduras on a week long mission trip.  I was about to start my second year of teaching high school Spanish which so far has been my best year ever.  I was about to embark on a journey of musical discovery as I balanced studying Greek and Preaching for my master’s degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary alongside of writing songs for my first EP.  Oh yeah, and I was the head coach of a state level varsity swim team.    Needless to say I was consumed with work.  Needless to say I was pushing myself to new levels of work and efficiency. It might help to say that I was very single and extremely aware of it because my social group was small haha!    But maybe I should say I was dying.  I was thriving in the growth that I found in a new place to live with a solid Christian roommate, but I was dying inside because my life was burdened with too many passions and an acute loneliness.  Too many passions.  Ha, that’s me though.  Some people don’t even have one, but I ended up with three or four haha.  Well, that was two years ago.  With that being said let’s bring that to the here and now.

Two years later I completed those courses, but I left seminary with much pain and frustration.  Two years later I have made tons of new friends and have been on enough dates to know what I don’t want.  Two years later I’ve left the swim team behind to pursue music as a passion and ministry.  And that’s what this summer has been about.  I called it the Summer of Sound.  You see every summer since ’08 when I began to follow Jesus has been defined with the letter S in a certain mnemonic alliteration.  Here they are in case you’re intrigued by that.

Summer of __________
08- Salvation
09- Solitude
11- Sending

Who knows what the next summer will bring?  This summer tried me and revealed to me a lot of weaknesses I have in dating, in finances, and in my spiritual life.  But also I learned about my strengths in relationships, in motivation to serve the Lord, and in creative pursuits and faith.  I began to feel like I am one pilgrim amongst many in my city.  I began to see my status as an exile on Earth and a citizen of heaven.  The Lord spoke to me a few times this summer.  Not necessarily audibly, but through moments of deep repentance and tears where I cried out, “I don’t trust You.  Help me to trust You.”  Kind of like the man in the book of Mark who says to Jesus, “I believe; help my unbelief!”  Well that was me this summer.  Preparing for the future.  Reconciling and forgiving myself of the past.  Anyways, this is where I sign off.  I’ll let you know when my big album drops.  I’m excited to see what the next two years have to offer!

Love you guys,


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