Yo, it’s your friend Pilgrim and we need to talk.  It’s been a while.  Almost a year actually.  You know what I mean though.  That feeling you get in your stomach after you hear that phrase.  It means that this is serious business.  Family talk even.  🙂  But more importantly I just want to express some things with you who are watching, reading, listening, and above all learning from all that I say, post, or do.
I just finished the last song of my personal indie EP called the Step One EP.  It has been a long long journey, but I know that I can look back and praise God for all that I experienced during this time of my life.

Confession of an overly ambitious and passionate person:
I went through some massive changes in my life path, and I saw some friends come and go in the process.  I made a lot of mistakes, and I battled sin which sometimes defeated me before I could flee.  I was also victorious many more days than I was defeated thanks be to God.  I became a pretender around people for a while and then became myself again.  All the while I was just trying to be like Jesus, but I went about it the wrong way at times.  I also wanted to be real because I value authenticity and honesty, but I usually just wanted to be selfish.  I felt like it was a season of tug of war.  I would press in so hard to get to know God and love people, but then I would fade away from it at times simply out of weakness.  It’s something I’m learning to work on now as I mature.  Well, now that I’ve confessed let me take you back just a second and recap.

Jan. ‘13 – set out to make my own Christian rap album
Jul. ‘13 – wrote the first song “Song for My Mom” and recorded some demo songs in my friend’s garage (people loved it)
Aug. ‘13 – found a new roommate and tons of encouragement and motivation
Sep. ‘13 – Dec. ‘14 – took a bunch of masters degree courses in seminary while always feeling conflicted between finding time to write songs, study textbooks(Greek), and do my regular 45+hr work week
Jan. ‘15 – picked up some skills with audio engineering so I begin to mix and record my own songs, met and began working with a professional producer(not on this EP though)
Feb. ‘15 – The EP was in full production mode as I released 5 songs up until June
Jun. 7, ‘15 – The last song All of This was released on

You see…2 years and 6 months until I really decided to aim at this mission in life.  2.5 years until I said…do this or you will not be happy with yourself.  2.5 years to develop all of the skills necessary to make this happen besides the actual skill of writing lyrics and rapping verses.  But really it was a lifetime.  It took 20 something years for me to find out that I am an artist…and it may take 20 something more to make an impact.  All I know is that the first step was the hardest, and I had to step out on the water with the fear of drowning all around me.  But now I’m trying to keep my eyes on Jesus and float with him on the surface.  May he open our eyes that we may not fall…may he lift us up…to steal a few lines from Jars of Clay.  What a blessing.  Thanks for reading this far.  You make me feel like I am one pilgrim amongst many in my city and all the cities around me.

All my love
Follow my progress in music on
Twitter: @one_pilgrim
Facebook:  Pilgrim
Instagram: One Pilgrim

P.S. A new project is already a quarter of the way finished.  Let’s just say I’m making a lot of #progress.


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