The World Cup, a Rooster, and the Gospel

The world cup, a rooster, and the gospel.

I was sitting in a humble house in Central America. It was more like a shack according to U.S. standards, and I began to think about how to describe it and capture the moment in words.
I was sitting in a plastic chair a.k.a. decent furniture when a faint smell floated through the open door as the pre-rain winds began to blow. It reminded me of every Latin American home I’ve ever visited. It was not strange to hear the rooster crow outside the front door or to see a mangy puppy sleeping on the front porch. It felt like home to me strangely enough. So as the rain began to hit the sheet metal roof I noticed that it wasn’t leaking which was my first concern as I saw the rain clouds coming. But on the other hand as the weather grew worse the T.V. satellite signal blanked out. You see, I had been invited to watch La Copa Mundial at a local neighborhood house. This was a special occasion seeing as after three years of visiting Honduras I had never been invited to enter the modest properties of the local people. Arnold and Javi are two young boys who live in this small wooden house where the bathroom is outside and the street is made of dirt and rocks. They invited me and two of my American friends, Wes and Elijah, so we bought a 3 liter Pepsi, cookies and chips to celebrate our little house party. Their father also named Javier and our bodyguard/friend Juanca sat in with us as well as we watched Germany defeat Argentina in extra time. It was a blessing to simply sit and talk about soccer and nothing at all really in Spanish. It’s the simple things that matter the most you know. That’s why spending time with people helps build a long lasting friendship, and that was what we were doing there. Because you see, Javi and Arnold continue to come to Bible Club every week and continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ thanks to the ministry of the missionaries known as Doña Vicky and Don Alan. What a blessing it is to see children interested in learning about God! And hopefully our little visit made an impact that will help continue the long lasting connections which in turn will open up opportunities to spread the Gospel thru word of mouth and example.

This summer I spent 4 weeks in La Ceiba, Honduras. That means I had 4 weeks to make a difference in someone else’s life. That also means that I have 48 other weeks to make a difference in my home country.
What I learned this summer was that mission work is hard and secondly that people don’t need handouts. They need friends. They need someone to buy their meal sure, but also they need you to sit with them and talk about Jesus. Are you willing to do that today American Christian? To break out of your solo world to sit and talk to a stranger or a neighbor about Jesus Christ? You think you are socially networked but you are not. You think you are real, but you are mostly digital now and the only real is the sin in your life and the pain of death knocking at your door as you grow older. But you can change that by prayer and petition to God. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind! Oh Holy Spirit come and make our friendships real and make us people persons again. Amen!


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