Trip Lee’s Fallin’ Lyrics

These lyrics resonate with me and bring me solace and fellowship when I struggle with sin…
[Verse 1-Trip Lee]
I don’t really want it but it’s calling my name
“William, come and get me, I can take away the pain
Come a little closer you got everything to gain”
But I got too much to lose, I’m bout to go insane
I been here too many times, got my head low
If I gave a dime for every time, I’d be dead broke
I feel that battle in my soul, the pressure closing in
My passions asking for a pass and I can’t hold it in, there I go again
No self-control again, I’m too good at giving in
Feeling like throwing in the towel, the guilt is closing in
Sometimes I climb the heights but I’m at my lowest end
Cloaked in deception and overdosing on potent sin
I’m so gone baby, wanna be home again
Wanna feel whole again, come fill this hole again
Now I’m doubled over with my face in my knees
At your side is where I wanna be
But there I go again fallin’ …

[Chorus – J. Paul & Trip Lee]
I fall face to the pavement
Once again faced with the same sin
(There I go again, fallin’)
I don’t think I’ma make it
Don’t know how much longer I can take it
(There I go again, fallin’)
So I’m caught up in this sin
I wonder if I’ll see your face again
(There I go again, fallin’)
Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’
There I go

[Verse 2 – Trip Lee]
Trying to keep it cool, I don’t wanna lead ‘em playing
But it’s hard to block out everything that she be saying
L-like “keep coming baby, just reach out and take my hand
There’s no need to fear me, all I wanna do is dance”
I believe the lie, now I’m headed for my doom
They have finally got me locked and I’m bout to be consumed
Feeling like I’m watched by everybody in the room
Cause they know I’m a fake, and if not they will soon
Have you ever felt like the walls finna close in
Shackles on your hands and your feet and you’re dozing?
Sleep till the logic you possessed before all of the mess
All sober-headed mess with the rest, what’s left
Is a schizophrenic sin where a man once was
Now you get to see the damage your lust does
So now I’m doubled over with my face in my knees
At your side is where I wanna be
But there I go again, fallin’ …

[Chorus – J. Paul & Trip Lee]
I fall face to the pavement
Once again faced with the same sin
(There I go again, fallin’)
I don’t think I’ma make it
Don’t know how much longer I can take it
(There I go again, fallin’)
So I’m caught up in this sin
I wonder if I’ll see your face again
(There I go again, fallin’)
Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’
There I go

[Verse 3 – Trip Lee]
Every time I fall, he gon’ pick me up
The Lord is my shepherd homie, he go’n pick me up
I fell into the trap again, but he go’n pick me up
Remind me of his promises, in him I put my trust
I don’t never have to give in to the lies
I’m feasting on his Word, all my sin I do despise
So now I’m down before his throne praying on my knees
Asking “Lord, give me grace please”
I don’t wanna be fallin’ …

[Chorus – J. Paul & Trip Lee]
I fall, so I gotta face this
But I know there’s nothing that he can’t fix
(I don’t wanna be fallin’)
Looking to the cross where they placed him
‘Cause I know his grace is amazing
(I don’t wanna be fallin’)
He’s covered all my sin
It’s gone, never to be seen again
(So I’m callin’)
Callin’, callin’, callin’
Out to you


Are You Narrow-Minded?

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. Matt. 7:13-14

    Are you narrow-minded?  The title is actually more of a comical way to say “Have you set off on the narrow way of following Jesus?”  The truth is I am not talking solely about being called closed minded.  I am talking about the status of your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Perhaps you’ve been going to church all of your life, perhaps you are neither here nor there, or perhaps you are totally against the idea of having a life changing relationship with Jesus.  Jesus is making a divide here and now though.  He wants us to see that the Christian life is a different life from non-Christians.  He is saying that those who want to follow him are going to have to be dedicated and wholly divided unto him and his teaching.  The broad way has many followers, many options, many gods, and many ways of living that ALL lead to self-destruction.  Jesus commands us to live one way, and that way is only found in his true teaching of the Bible.  He kindly and patiently awaits your choice.


Holy Spirit, please guide us down the narrow path of Jesus and invite others to join us on the way.

The Battle for David and Solomon

Should we debate the validity of the Davidic line found in the Holy Bible?  Many would say yes.  So as ministers of the Christian faith we must be prepared to give an answer to all who would question our heritage.  Heritage?  Yes, because Jesus Christ himself is repeated over and over in the four Gospel accounts to be the Son of David.  He is linked directly to the genealogy of David and Solomon in two of the Gospels we have today known as the books of Matthew and Luke.  So in turn I bring you a few evidences that help to defend the position of a Davidic dynasty including Solomon’s reign as David’s son.

Tel Dan Inscription- The Tel Dan inscription discovered around 1993 helps us to see for the first time a mention of the “house of David” written in Old Aramaic on a large basalt monument dating from the mid-ninth century B.C.  This inscription refers to the deaths and defeats of probable Israelite kings who descended from the house of David incurred by an Aramean ruler; possibly known as the king of Damascus known as Hazael around 842 B.C.

Psalms and Canaanites-  The Psalms can be investigated to have six different authors, but almost half of the 150 Psalms were written by David.  Psalms 29 written by David brings to light a linguistic connection with Canaanite literary forms.  This influence is another piece of evidence that helps validate David’s writings as being current with his time.

Temple Site Evidence-  Solomon’s temple is widely known and believed to have been built on the site where the Dome of the Rock now sits in Jerusalem; the capital city of David.  The original temple was destroyed by invading forces from Babylon according to the biblical account, but it is still a highly desirable piece of land between the Muslim faith and the Jewish faith.

Solomon’s Stables- Although disputed by some archaeologists due to dating claims this location in the area known as Megiddo shows archaeological signs of either stables or storehouses that could have housed Solomon’s mechanized army of war chariots.

Copper Mines of Solomon- Various sites in recent years have been dug in order to find more evidence for the United Kingdom(Israel) era, such sites including the potential copper mines of Solomon at a location known as Khirbat en Nahas 30 miles south of the Dead Sea are using carbon dating to place the site within David and Solomon’s time between 1000-922 B.C.  The value of this site would be to show that this timeframe for Israel was a timeframe of great economic activity and military growth instead of older times of nomadic tribalism and a separated kingdom.

For more on the recent debate between archaeologists please check out this link by National Geographic:

No Man is an Island(Devotional)

And the Reubenites and the Gadites gave the altar this name: A Witness Between Us—that the Lord is God. -Joshua 22:34

    Every person is built for community.  This reality is even deeper in Christianity.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer once wrote that the goal of all Christian community is that “they meet one another as bringers of the message of salvation.”  A situation for bringing that message can be seen in Joshua chapter 22.  The Eastern tribes of Israel built an altar to the Lord God as a memorial, but the Western tribes suspecting idolatry went up to war against them.  They accused the Eastern tribes of rebellion in a “how could you” sort of way, but were met with a good reason for building the altar.  In the end they agreed that all was well, and no one was punished.  But we can see that in our day of age this kind of rebuke is often not taken as seriously as the Israelites did.  If your brother in Christ was slipping into some sort of sin would you be willing to “make war” against him?  Would you be willing though to call them out gently and with all respectfulness?  For that is what we are called to do in Christian community.  We are to help each other follow and remind each other of Christ and his glorious salvation.

Father you are majestic in holiness.  Thank you for teaching us to live together in peace through your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.