In our modern day era we don’t take information at face value very easily.  We often need more proof, more evidence, more research(Google/Wikipedia ) ;), or more hard facts before we will buy into some key truth or concept that is foreign to our daily experience.  Christians filled with the Spirit will find the Scriptures illuminated and will see the evidence for Biblical accuracy clearly through solid biblical teaching and a relationship with God.  But what about those unbelievers who struggle with these facts and need an apologetic/archaelogical approach?  Well have no fear! We can do that too! 🙂

If we are to see the Patriarchal Period between 2100 B.C. and 1550 B.C. we must try to find evidence that we can accurately date within those time periods.  Here are a few examples that help us to match up the Genesis accounts between chapters 12-50 and the time period that we assert to be the Patriarchal age.

Beni Hasan tomb painting – This tomb painting dating very close to Abraham’s time frame of moving into Egypt due to geographical drought/famine is a well documented artwork that shows Asiatics caravaning into Egypt with closely detailed depictions of clothing, hair styles, skin colors, animals, weapons, etc.  We can connect Abraham’s lifestyle to this picture, and connect the period to the Egyptian history as well.

Law Code of Hammurapi-  This popular law code made famous by the influential leader Hammurapi(Hammurabi) shares a similar time period within the patriarchal dates, but is more closely connected to the Levitical laws established within the writings of Moses.  It is possible to see, however, that the culture and societies of the region were well structured and developed enough to need this code to establish government in the land.

The Tale of Si-nuhe-  This classic Egyptian tale brings to light a world of information regarding Semitic or Asiatic relations with Egyptian peoples of the 1800 B.C. time frame.  One quote from the text says “No Asiatic makes friends with a Delta-man”(RANE, p.78)  Sinuhe flees Egypt and lives like a semi-nomadic ruler in a foreign land before returning to Egypt to find reconciliation in his homeland.  The story shows us that written narratives could be documented during this time thus strengthening the historicity of the biblical events that are so heavily in dispute in our modern age.

These are only a few of the extra-biblical documents that can help Christians to assert the accuracy and inerrancy of Scripture.  Even with solid arguments and highly valuable documents we must also hold to the truth that if there is no saving faith then no man can truly know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  God desires for you to be in relationship with him.  The Bible is the well documented story of how a perfect God can be in connection and a loving relationship with evil men.  Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to that question.  I would encourage you to look up the three evidences on Google and research them yourself in comparison to a good translation of the Bible(NASB, NIV, KJV) for more information.



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