Devo #2 Seminarian Thoughts

Fear The One Who Cares

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

    Fear is a raw emotion and something that all humans experience from their very first breath on into old age.  The existence of fear is not something we take into question often, but what to do with fear is a more common question that the Christian should be prepared to answer rightly.  In the letter of 1st Peter we find the early Christians facing severe persecution and even death for their faithful allegiance to Christ.  These serious situations and fearful events still carry on to this day in other countries around the world to Christians just like you and me.  In America we do not usually face death or physical pain for our faith, but we do face hard times or trials in our daily lives.  Whatever the case may be we know that Scripture can apply to many situations and guide how we respond to life’s circumstances in troubled or anxious times.  In the Bible we can see that God wants you to cast your fears, your anxieties, your troubles and worries on Him through a trusting relationship in Jesus Christ instead of dwelling on them forever.  God is a fortress for those who believe in Him; a safe place to turn when life gets tough.

May we stay close to Him and pray openly to Him in those most important times of need. 


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