Devotions for Seminary–250 words or less

The Dark Night

Hebrews 12:6  For those whom the Lord loves he disciplines, and he scourges every son whom he receives. (NASB)

For those who have a relationship with Christ there are various stages of growth and experiences to have with Him throughout our journey here in earth.  We often like to speak of the joyous times, the devoted times, and the blessed times. On the other hand though it is necessary to remember that in any relationship there are ups and downs because we are human and have a sinful nature that prevents us from keeping that stage of perfection indefinitely here on earth.  We go through trials, we go through seasons of doubting, we go through what most would call spiritual valleys in our faith walk, and most of all we go through tests amongst these things.  Discipline from the Lord is advanced through testing; is advanced through growth in our knowledge of who God is.  Sometimes you may find yourself in what St. John of the Cross called “the dark night of the soul” which is when the Lord removes your spiritual pleasures and devotional rewards in order to test your endurance, your perseverance and your commitment to Him.  I would encourage you to embrace these times of emptiness, weakness and discipline for they are from the merciful Lord who loves you and will not let you suffer for long.

Merciful God, please let us stay joyful even in the darkest nights of our spiritual life, Amen.


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