Fatherly Forgiveness

A hip hop song I wrote for any father who has hurt their family or left them behind…written from the perspective of a grown up son…this song is about forgiveness between both men and realizing the fatal grip of sin which threatens fathers and sons alike which can only be wiped clean by God himself.


Verse 1

With all I have I got to give

I only got one life here to live

but I’ll forgive what you did

It seems so hard I was just a kid

But now I’m rid of the things I hid

God changed my life when the brakes did skid

Lost control tried to gain the whole world almost lost my soul, lost my soul

But did you know when you left home

Or that very last talk on the phone

I wept and groaned, so alone

I turned to sin which turned my heart to stone

How will I ever show my wife to a dad that she’ll never know

And I never knew that your abandonment was handing me a lie that meant that

God would never come through…


Nah, nah that’s not true

1,2, me and you

Forgive me too

What Jesus says is what I’ll do!

77 times is what I’ll do!

Every time is what I’ll do!

Forgiving you

I’m breaking through

Share the truth, this is proof, God is huge!


Verse 2

God’s gonna put his hand on your life

Gettin rid of everything and even yo pride

All the adultery you tried to hide

Escape your past so you tried to ride

the Atlantic Ocean’s eastern side

You can’t escape God’s eagle eyes

Telling me all those evil lies

Lipstick on your shirt some evil nights

Hurt my mom some evil fights

Cops almost came and read your rights

Lawyers came and read your rights

What about when God reads your rights?!

Return to Him it’ll be all right!

Return to Him he’ll unbite the bite!

Don’t even know where you are tonight.

Don’t even know who you are tonight.


Hook x2

(Replace first line with Yeah, yeah that’s so true)


Verse 3

Now some days I wanna rest

I got hair now upon my chest

I’m grown up see, this is not a test

Look at me I’m really blessed

Spent 8 years so fatherless

God became my Father, yes!!!

Now my past don’t bother this

Got a future now in His hands

Following all of Christ’s demands

You can too dad, here’s the plan

Pray to Him I know you can

Repent your sins and believe he can

Make your old self a dead man

Resurrect you now take a stand

I beg you now, man to man

Give it up dad, it’s in God’s hands, give it up dad, it’s in God’s hands.


Hook x2

(Replace first line with Yeah, yeah that’s so true)


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