Your words are so prescribed
Medicinal in their essence
I choke a spoonful down
And start my convalescence
I’m backing away now
Cuz I can’t see past the curtain
And every time I try all these words inside start hurtin’.
It’s diagnosed I’m certain
Comatose and intubated
I can’t make it through today
Without the God I hated
Sleepless nights, bills, hospital visits and iniquity
Just put a smile on? Ronald McDonald ambiguity
of how fragile a strong man is
And vaccinated to the brink
To where he can’t recognize the other man across the sink
Pick up my orange bottle
Dosage: everyday
Christ, Grace, Humility
The Truth, the Life, the Way
There’s nothing more to this
The Doctor has the answer
Take Jesus as our Savior
He will cure our sinful cancer.


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