All in Your Head

You know in this life we got a lot of things all up in our head right?
Yeah, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, let’s talk about it.

Back it up I’m bout to spit it now
Burn this mic down like right now
To the truth in the sound
On the ground my feet found the beat pounds
the sweet sound of fallen crowns, all around my mind drowns, the sin hounds
As I walk away, cause my mind just may be unkind today
But it’s the flesh I say leading death my way with thoughts that I may lose my all
Then I hear a voice deep inside yeah man, “Son stand tall!”
Gotta be the Christ on the call!
It’s gotta be a sign with his hand on the time and his hand on my rhyme,
My demand for the dime is the green for the grime, Elohim for the I’m
Little sheen for the shine, 409 my mind!
Yeah, that’s what I find,
Up in my head the words in red are for the dead the Spirit led are Spirit fed and given cred for Christ instead!
Ahh, that’s what I said, it’s all in your head eh!!!

It’s all in your head!

When I’m burnin man I can’t stop, chasin after a vain crop, the pain hops, my brain pops!
Head is achin man, the pressure drops.
Just when I’m thinkin I’m on top yeah I hit rock bottom.
Satan says “I got ’em!” , but Jesus says “I bought ’em!”
Catch me when I fall, summer, winter, No autumn!
And I oughta, yeah, pray to the Father, “cleanse my mind, yes sir, living water!”
So back it up I think I’m spittin now!
Lights on the fights on, my thoughts are on Christ now!
Last round I earn crowns and not crowds
Remove shrouds, I unveil and fight doubts,
Last blow man it’s lights out!
And as the world goes down, I know in Him I am found
And that my friend, in the end, is the truth in the sound!

It’s all in your head!


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