Open up your heart
Open up your mind
I speak truth over rhythms
Made for this one design
And I know that you’ll find
A relation to my legacy
Listen to my story, of wanna be masculinity.

Born 2-88, later offspring of a minister
Seen him walk out on my moms, yeah it was so sinister
So I took it as fact, it affected how I track
My own observation of manhood yeah that I lacked
My heart turned black, never could turn back
So I started to attack
Women on the screen, women on the scene
Turned me upside down
Thought I had to make green
But I really was a fiend

Lust was my drug and
Lust was my love
The devil pushed me down though
It was more than a shove
Sin would fit like a glove
And I couldn’t get enough
Til I wrecked one girl though
Wrecked her world so
Made us both look twice
We was livin it was nice
But it didnt look right

It was left right left right up down up down A B start
Just because I use cheats doesn’t mean I’m not smart
Jesus cracked my cheat code got straight to my heart
Opened up my mind, cleaned me out, yeah it was art.

Like art of war is the best way that I see it
Manhood found in Him now
Yo man, I need it.
So I gotta seed it
To my torrential friends and distributors
Get away from sin and freed from sin’s chain inhibitors

So now as I finish cut back to the beginning
The way to be a man is to lose yourself to the Savior
Find yourself in him, then your salt will have it’s flavor
Why not now, cause it’s better than later.
Better than later. Better than later.


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