Your words are so prescribed
Medicinal in their essence
I choke a spoonful down
And start my convalescence
I’m backing away now
Cuz I can’t see past the curtain
And every time I try all these words inside start hurtin’.
It’s diagnosed I’m certain
Comatose and intubated
I can’t make it through today
Without the God I hated
Sleepless nights, bills, hospital visits and iniquity
Just put a smile on? Ronald McDonald ambiguity
of how fragile a strong man is
And vaccinated to the brink
To where he can’t recognize the other man across the sink
Pick up my orange bottle
Dosage: everyday
Christ, Grace, Humility
The Truth, the Life, the Way
There’s nothing more to this
The Doctor has the answer
Take Jesus as our Savior
He will cure our sinful cancer.


All in Your Head

You know in this life we got a lot of things all up in our head right?
Yeah, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, let’s talk about it.

Back it up I’m bout to spit it now
Burn this mic down like right now
To the truth in the sound
On the ground my feet found the beat pounds
the sweet sound of fallen crowns, all around my mind drowns, the sin hounds
As I walk away, cause my mind just may be unkind today
But it’s the flesh I say leading death my way with thoughts that I may lose my all
Then I hear a voice deep inside yeah man, “Son stand tall!”
Gotta be the Christ on the call!
It’s gotta be a sign with his hand on the time and his hand on my rhyme,
My demand for the dime is the green for the grime, Elohim for the I’m
Little sheen for the shine, 409 my mind!
Yeah, that’s what I find,
Up in my head the words in red are for the dead the Spirit led are Spirit fed and given cred for Christ instead!
Ahh, that’s what I said, it’s all in your head eh!!!

It’s all in your head!

When I’m burnin man I can’t stop, chasin after a vain crop, the pain hops, my brain pops!
Head is achin man, the pressure drops.
Just when I’m thinkin I’m on top yeah I hit rock bottom.
Satan says “I got ’em!” , but Jesus says “I bought ’em!”
Catch me when I fall, summer, winter, No autumn!
And I oughta, yeah, pray to the Father, “cleanse my mind, yes sir, living water!”
So back it up I think I’m spittin now!
Lights on the fights on, my thoughts are on Christ now!
Last round I earn crowns and not crowds
Remove shrouds, I unveil and fight doubts,
Last blow man it’s lights out!
And as the world goes down, I know in Him I am found
And that my friend, in the end, is the truth in the sound!

It’s all in your head!


Open up your heart
Open up your mind
I speak truth over rhythms
Made for this one design
And I know that you’ll find
A relation to my legacy
Listen to my story, of wanna be masculinity.

Born 2-88, later offspring of a minister
Seen him walk out on my moms, yeah it was so sinister
So I took it as fact, it affected how I track
My own observation of manhood yeah that I lacked
My heart turned black, never could turn back
So I started to attack
Women on the screen, women on the scene
Turned me upside down
Thought I had to make green
But I really was a fiend

Lust was my drug and
Lust was my love
The devil pushed me down though
It was more than a shove
Sin would fit like a glove
And I couldn’t get enough
Til I wrecked one girl though
Wrecked her world so
Made us both look twice
We was livin it was nice
But it didnt look right

It was left right left right up down up down A B start
Just because I use cheats doesn’t mean I’m not smart
Jesus cracked my cheat code got straight to my heart
Opened up my mind, cleaned me out, yeah it was art.

Like art of war is the best way that I see it
Manhood found in Him now
Yo man, I need it.
So I gotta seed it
To my torrential friends and distributors
Get away from sin and freed from sin’s chain inhibitors

So now as I finish cut back to the beginning
The way to be a man is to lose yourself to the Savior
Find yourself in him, then your salt will have it’s flavor
Why not now, cause it’s better than later.
Better than later. Better than later.

State of the Union

I don’t want it, but I got it cause I get it.
They say use listerine cause they don’t like how I spit it
But they don’t really get it cause my speech is really pure,
I speak a couple blessings, it’s burnin them I’m sure
Being on fire bothers you, so tell me, how’s it feel?
I ain’t tryin to burn you though I just gotta keep it real.
Cuz I know Satan tryin to make me wooden doll Pinocchio,
My nose growin long, feeling wrong, yeah so we go!

All honor and glory being, affect the way I sing, I just gotta let it ring for the King.

I see all these caesars who must think that they gods,
But they just Little Caesars man, they five dolla frauds!
They say get what you can, steal what you cain’t
But alls I know they jokin man, they clownin in the paint!
And I was like them too, dreams of gettin lots of honeys
But God boxed me out, my full court press was stunted!
I didn’t get what I wanted, but I got what I needed
Threw on a pure white jersey and told the Devil he could beat it!
Saw the rainbow, I was reading, learned about it in the Bible
And I was fightin sin man, it was wilderness survival,
And I was diggin in cause I knew that is was vital.
More than human it was BRIDAL, help me tear down all my TITLES, help me tear down all my IDOLS!

All honor and glory being, affect the way I sing, I just gotta let it ring for the King.

Let me clear up what my point is, as I’m pennin all these rhymes
I’m puttin thoughts to lyrics, so I can infiltrate your mind.
Jesus’ coming back so we running out of time
But we trippin on his watch, sin has got us in a bind!
And you know that ain’t right
Gotta get it straight with the One
God’s Son can take us back to what really should become.
Let’s get it done.

Let’s begin

Yo, my name is Patrick, but my other name is p-Track. For a year and a half now I’ve been writing hip hop lyrics, working with beats, producing a few songs with minimal equipment, using an open mic every now and then, and sharing Christ through it all the best way I know how with this new art.

As I begin to attend seminary I want to put my words on the written page to better use because right now they just sit and have no where to go.  A close friend of mine suggested that I put my words online, my lyrics, my thoughts, my theology.  I find that as I listen to hip hop beats my mind starts to work and the words begin to flow.  It helps me to put my mind on God, to take my mind off the world, and to focus.  I can hardly finish a sentence without an easy rhyme coming to mind.  Call it spoken word, call it rap, whatever you’d like, but it’s simply words on a page with a message for the ages, Christ alone (Solus Christus), Christ crucified, and Christ resurrected.

I hope you will be edified by my artistry.  This is where it begins.

By the way, the P stands for Pilgrim.